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Beginning of the ministry of Jesus

Beit HaDerekh

There is a spiritual principle established by God that is fully confirmed at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. This principle is that parents are spiritual authorities over children. Many times we need your blessings to thrive.

In order for Jesus to begin his ministry it would be necessary to obtain the confirmation and the blessings of the father and also of the mother, as we shall see below.

It was at a wedding at Cana that Jesus made his first miracle by turning water into wine.

However it is worth remembering two facts that preceded this event:

In Matthew 3, 13 and 17 or John 1: 29-34 the text describes the baptism of Jesus. In baptism, God the Father confirms, “This is my beloved son in whom I have all my pleasure. (Matthew 3:17) This would then be the blessing of the Father.

But is it your mother’s blessing?

In John 2: 1 the text says “on the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee. What happened 3 days before? Exactly the baptism. Then the “third day” connects one fact to another, that is, baptism to marriage.

Now at the wedding feast God gives Mary, mother of Jesus, the opportunity to bless his son.

Let’s look at the dialogue in John 2,3-5:

“Having finished the wine, Jesus’ mother said,” They have no wine. ”

Jesus answered, What do we have in common with a woman? My hour has not yet come.

“His mother said to the servants,” Do whatever he tells you to do. ”

Mary’s mother was at that moment confirming her blessing, prophetically saying to Jesus: the wine is gone, expecting a miracle from him.

It was thus the signal for him to begin his ministry …

The rest of the story we know, for Jesus understood that his hour was coming. He turns water into good wine to the point of obtaining the admiration of the winemaker, in charge of the party.

So Jesus began his ministry with the blessings of his fathers.

Thank you, Lord.