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This video talks about an obscure part of the story, with documents and filming revealing that history that we know of is only the version of the winners and not the truth.

Who was Constantine?

Who was Constantine? Flavius ​​Valerius Aurelius Constantinus (272-337), known as Constantine Constantine the Great, was emperor of the Roman Empire from the year 306 to 337. In history he passed as the first Christian emperor. He was the son of a Greek official, Constantius Chlorus, who in the year 305 was named Augustus, instead of…
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The conspiracy of Ignatius of Antioch

Many people were led to believe that Constantine was solely responsible for the corruption and paganization of Christianity. Constantine certainly collaborated with the apostasy of early Christianity, but he was not the first. Indeed, before him was Ignatius of Antioch, who rebelled against the Council of Jerusalem, usurped his authority, separated himself from Judaism, declared…
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The Nazarenes

Panarion 29 – The Nazarenes. Here is the full text of “Panarion 29” from Epiphanius, as it appears in the translation published by Brill. Against nazars. Number nine, but twenty-nine series 1.1 After that, Nazoraeans, which originated at the same time or even before, or together with or after them. In any case they were…
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Men Like Trees

Shoftim: Men Like Trees Posted by Ben Burton on August 24, 2017 in Articles, Messiah, New Testament, Parashot | 3 Comments   In the Gospel of Mark, we encounter a baffling episode, “He came to Bethsaida. They brought a blind man to him, and begged him to touch him. He took hold of the blind man by the hand, and brought him out of…
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Is Jesus higher than the law?

From the Babylonian Captivity to the Bar Kochba Uprising

After the time of King David, the nation of Israel was divided into two kingdoms, Israel to the north and Judah to the south. The northern kingdom of Israel was taken into captivity by the Assyrians around 740 BC and the Southern Kingdom of Judah was taken to the Babylonian captivity around 570 BC. During…
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